Kit Includes:

Single Lash Tile C Curl (1) Mixed tray,

C curl Primer Tape Jade Stone

5Ml gold Adhesive

Straight, curved,& crane tweezers

10 cotton tip swabs

10 wands

10 micro swabs

Sealant Gel Patches

15 ml Lash Cleanser

Small carrying case

Course Length:

BROWS & SKIN certification Eyelash Extension class is a  2 day training  course that will educate  and prepare the students on all of the important aspects of eyelash extensions to become a professional Eyelash Technician.

We start the eyelash extension training with a comprehensive theory series with extensive handouts to accompany the information. During theory, we cover Sanitation, Rules & Regulations, Client Consultation, Pre and Post Care, Contraindications, Glue Ingredients, Eyelash Curls, Eyelash Lengths, Eyelash Widths, and the Eyelash Extension Application Process itself.

Once all questions are answered from all students, the class moves forward with the hands-on practice. Students will begin their hands-on practice working on a mannequin head to help build their hand/eye coordination and technique.

When comfortable with the mannequin lessons, they will then start on their live model. Students will work on their model for 2-3 hours. The instructor will grade out the eyelash extension artist giving helpful pointers on increasing speed and the after care of clients.

The students are given a certification of completion at the end of the training but are encouraged to practice on 5-7 models before they are fully confident in offering service to paying clients.



  • Physiology of Lash Growth
  • Client Evaluation
  • Contrary Indications
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Technique of Eyelash Extensions
  • Different Sizes, Lengths, Shapes and Color Extensions
  • Post Treatment Protocol


                                                                                                  MICROBLADING COURSE



 A $250 deposit is needed to register. It will be deducted from the final price. ( Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE)

What you will learn during this training is to become a Profesional in Microblading. Our courses have been structured from start to finish with you in mind. Since Microblading is a Semi-Permanent treatment, it is extremely important to gain full knowledge of every aspect of the procedure and master various techniques.

Fundamentals of Microblading Covers: 

  • Infection control 
  • Understanding the skin, including age, texture, and undertones 
  • 3D Hair Strokes Technique
  • Shading & Ombre Effect
  • Skin preparation 
  • Color theory and pigment color theory 
  • Eyebrow and other procedural design 
  • Various brow designs and selections 
  • Proper handling of equipment 
  • Different needles 
  • Instructor procedure demonstration 
  • Hands-on training with drawing & Actual Models. 
  • Phone Support


  • Set of Blades   
  • Microblading Pen
  • Set of Pigments   
  • Set of Skin Practicing Sheets  
  • Profesional Ruler  
  • Profesional Pencil  
  • Disposable Rings & Cup
  • Profesional Organizer Case
  • Microshading Needles
  • Brow Razors
  • Micro Brushes
  • Numbing Cream
  • Gloves & Head Protectors
  • Sterile Mask 
  • Surgical Marker
  • MIcroblading Manual


Please Call for info on training dates! 602-776-8671

(A $250 fee shall be paid at enrollment date to secure your space, reminder of tuition has to be paid in full the first day of the course.)